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Weighbridge Unit

The Weighbridge Unit was established by the CE following an organisational structure issued vide his Memo No. TRD/CE/GEN/07/02 of 13th August 2007. It was established as one of five Units at TANROADS regional level, others being, Planning Unit, Procurement Unit, Engineering Unit and Accounts & Administration Unit.


1.1 Strategic Responsibility:

The Unit is responsible for controlling overloading on the roads by vehicles plying on the paved trunk and regional roads within the region, with an ultimate goal of attaining “zero overloading” to protect the road investments from premature wear and tear than planned..

1.1 General responsibilities:

  1. To promote road safety and to limit premature wear and tear on road pavements and bridges, by enforcing the legal limits set on the maximum dimensions and weights of vehicles and on the weights of the vehicle’s axles.
  2. To undertake routine measurements of the loads imposed on road pavements by axles of individual vehicles using fixed and mobile surprise checks weighbridge stations, being part of the process of enforcing the set limits and routine verification of vehicles dimensions.
  3. Charge and collect overloading fees for defaulting transporters and their agents and generally train all transporters on the importance of mitigating overloading
  4. To manage a well motivated work force of axle load control teams at weighbridge stations.
  5. To prudently maintain public assets and properties as well as financial resources vested by TANROADS to the Unit
  6. To prepare annual plans and budgets and thereafter undertake and monitor expenditures of public funds received for the purpose of transacting overload control operations.
  7. To prepare routinely the monthly, quarterly, mid-year and annual reports on physical and financial business of the Unit as well as ad-hoc reports as needs arise.
  8. Coordinate court cases whenever TANROADS is sued or files a case for legal sanctions related to the duties of the Unit 

1.2 Action Plan for FY 2015/16 – (Specific activities Planned)

  1. To undertake overload control and vehicles dimension verification operations at the current two weighbridge stations at Namanga and Makuyuni
  2. To relocate Namanga Fixed weighbridge to Longido starting with temporary station and continue with establishment of a permanent station
  3. To complete the construction of Axleware weighbridge at the new location at Makuyuni and commission it, including electric power connection and extension of the approaching road for Makuyuni Weighbridge
  4. To undertake maintenance, services and calibrations of Fixed and Mobile weighbridges
  5. To prepare an action plan for FY 2016/17
  6. To prepare monthly, quarterly, mid-year and annual reports on physical and financial business of the Unit for FY 2015/16 and all needed ad-hoc reports.
  7. Undertake all day to day staff, procurement and asset management and matters


2.1 The Structure:

The Head of Unit is the in-charge of all activities of the Unit and is assisted by Shift in-charges who head shifts at the weighbridge stations. Further, the Shift in-charge supervises weighbridge operators, collectors and other staff at the weighbridge station. The Organisation structure is as follows:

(The organisational chart is enclosed)

2.2 Typical Job Descriptions of the staff in the Unit (Each HoU to fill)

Head of Unit

  1. Supervises Mobile and Fixed Weighbridge operations in accordance with the agency’s policies, rules and regulation
  2. Ensures correct and timely records keeping of weighbridge operations.
  3. Manages and administers day to day activities related to staff and assets
  4. Plans and manages budget.
  5. Prepares regular and ad hoc reports as required.
  6. Performs such other related duties as may be assigned by the Regional Manager

Shift In charges

  1. Enforcement of Road traffic axle load control by the use of weighbridge scale devices
  2. Overall supervision of shift activities.
  3. Weigh motor vehicles of Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) on all public roads
  4. Imposed road damage fee on spot for overloaded vehicle.
  5. Observing good customer care , dignity and integrity
  6. Carrying out activities as described in the Roads Traffic (maximum weight of vehicles) Regulations, 2001
  7. Perform such other related duties as may be assigned by the senior staff

Weighbridge Operators

  1. Enforcement of Road traffic Axle load control by use of Weighbridge scale devices and carrying out activities as described in the Road Traffic,
  2. Weighing Motor Vehicle of Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) > 3,500kg plying on our public roads
  3. To impose the road damage fees if the vehicle found overloaded
  4. To measure physical dimensions of motor vehicle or any load being carried on the motor vehicle and in case of non-compliance with vehicle dimension limits, the transporter should be caused to seek for a special permit.
  5. For trucks carrying abnormal load with special permit, the weighbridge operator shall ascertain compliance to the permit. Any discrepancy should be reported to the Weighbridge In charge for appropriate action.
  6. Record all necessary particulars regarding the motor vehicle being weighed
  7. Observing good customer care, dignity and integrity
  8. Perform such other related duties as may be assigned by the senior staff


  1. To collect fees imposed
  2. Banking all collected fees
  3. Recording and keeping all account particulars
  4. Observing good customer care, dignity and integrity
  5. Perform such other related duties as may be assigned by the senior staff

Office Attendants

  1. Cleaning Offices, washrooms and office premises
  2. Preparing and serving tea, coffee, and refreshment
  3. Moving files and documents as directed
  4. Dispatching letters or parcels
  5. Observing good customer care, dignity and integrity
  6. Perform such other related duties as may be assigned by the senior staff

Security Guards

  1. Assists in guiding drivers and transporters entering and existing/parking at weighbridge stations
  2. Guard agency buildings, property and other assets
  3. Apprehends anyone trying to steal or damage Agency’s property and immediately informs the management and/or the police.
  4. Assist in criminal cases involving theft or damage of Agency property
  5. Performs any such other related duties assigned by supervisor

Present Staffing of the Unit

Currently, the Unit has 24 staff, out of which 2 staff are overall, 9 staff are for Longido and 13 staff are for Makuyuni and others are vacant, namely:-


  • Head of Unit: – Eng. Boniface M. Kullaya
  • ALS – Salimu Hassan Kisaka


  • Shift In charges – Beatrice Peter Mbaga
  • Shift In charges – Flora Christopher Maeda

Weighbridge Operators

  • Mohamed Isaya Kondo
  • Yohana George Kazidi
  • Issack Geofrey Kapaga
  • Rashid Hassan Rashid


  • Donald Julius Mkonye
  • Kharid Hashim Nchimbi

Office Attendants

  • Gift Gideon Chibon


  • Shift In charges – Fredrick Simon Loy
  • Shift In charges – Iren Francis Nyaki

Weighbridge Operators

  • Charles Rogath Bureta
  • Sekuye Mohamed Sekuye
  • Kiguha Shaban Kategile
  • Charles Rogath Bureta
  • Mkama Petro Mkama
  • Bonanza Eliakimu Gareya
  • Nicholaus William Nsambara


  • Rose John Majigwa
  • Adeiphina M. Rweyemamu
  • Thabit Mwinyi Wazir

Office Attendants –

  • Upendo Dominic Haule

Other Information

All above staff are on contract bases.