TanRoad Arusha
Procure Management

Procurement Management Units (PMU)

The Procurement Management Unit was established by CE following an organisational structure issued vide his Memo No. TRD/CE/GEN/07/02 of 13th August 2007. It was established as one of five units at TANROADS regional level, others being, Planning Unit, Weighbridge Unit, Engineering Unit and Accounts & Administration Unit.


  1. Strategic Responsibility

Strategically the Unit is responsible for managing all the procurement and disposal matters by tender. The Unit is also responsible as a Secretariat of the delegated TANROADS Regional Tender Board (dTRTB) responsible for supporting the board functions and implementing its decisions.

  1. General responsibilities

The general responsibilities of the Unit are:

  • Prepare budget and plans and then implement procurement and payments for PMU day to day office consumables and facilities.
  • Coordinate the procurement and disposal of assets by tender activities;
  • Recommend procurement and disposal by tender procedures;
  • Verify scope, specifications and statements of requirements from User Units;
  • Prepare quotations and tendering documents;
  • Prepare advertisements of tender opportunities;
  • Coordinate the quotation and tender filling process by bidders;
  • Receive filled quotations and tenders, coordinate opening and evaluation of the same including review of evaluation reports;
  • Arrange dTRTB meetings, coordinate its business and prepare its records;
  • Coordinate negotiation of tenders
  • Prepare, coordinate signing issue approved contract documents;
  • Maintain and archive records of the procurement and disposal process;
  • Maintain a list or register of all contracts awarded;
  • Prepare monthly reports on the implementation of the Unit business and annual procurement plan for the tender board and management;
  • Prepare and submit quarterly checklist reports for review by management and eventual submission to Public Procurement Regulatory Authority;
  • Coordinate with Government Procurement Services Agency (GPSA) on matters of supply of goods and Non Consultancy Services; and
  • Prepare other reports as may be required from time to time
  1. Programme for FY 2013/14 (Specific activities Planned)
  • To prepare Annual Procurement Plan (APP) for Goods, Works, Non-Consultancy Services and Consultancy Services
  • To follow up approved procurement plans with other management and Units
  • To implement the APP for FY 2013/14 by managing all the procurement process for Goods, Works, and Non-Consultancy Services and Consultancy Services as well as disposal matters by tender from initial procurement recommendation to contract signing and then to final delivery/completion stage;
  • To prepare scheduled and adhoc procurement reports for management and submission to TANROADS-HQ, PPRA, GPSA, Attorney General (AG) and National Audit Offices (NAO);
  • To co-ordinate disposal of Public assets and obsolete items identified by User Units for FY 2013/14;
  • Prepare budget and plans for FY 2014/15 and then implement procurement and payments for PMU day to day office consumables and facilities for FY 2013/14
  • To manage office consumable and assets and maintain documents and human resources allocated to the Unit; and
  • Coordinate with GPSA on shortlist of suppliers and non consultancy services and on any updated guidelines on procedures
  • To advise the management on procurement matters.

The Head of Unit is responsible for managing the procurement and record keeping of procured Goods, Works, Non-Consultancy Services and Consultancy Services in the Region. The Unit Head reports to the Regional Manager who is also the Accounting Officer and is also responsible to supervise PMU staff, serve as Secretary to the dTRTB and liaising with other Regional Unit Heads.

The Head of Unit is assisted by two (2) staff, the first being responsible for works and consultancy services roles and the second is responsible for goods supplies and non consultancy services.


  1. Head of Unit

  • Prepare annual plans and budgets for office consumables and facilities for PMU;
  • Recommend and manage procurement and payments to PMU suppliers and staff;
  • Safeguard procured consumables, facilities and assets as well as financial resources for PMU;
  • Manage the procurement process for of Goods, Works, Non-Consultancy Services and Consultancy Services;
  • Co-ordinate disposal of Public Assets and obsolete items
  • Supervise Procurement Unit staff to ensure they perform their duties as required
  • Serve as Secretary to the dTRTB
  • Manage the procurement record keeping of procured Goods, Works, Non-Consultancy Services and Consultancy Services
  • Prepares regular and ad hoc reports as required
  • Liaising with other Unit Heads
  1. Procurement Technician Staff (PMU)

  • Assist in managing the procurement process for of Works and Consultancy Services, including preparation and compilation of draft request for proposals and tender documents as well as corresponding contract documents for works and consultancy services.
  • Initial review of tender evaluation reports for the lowest evaluated Bidders for contract award by Tender Board.
  • Receive and record of all tenders and quotations for Works, Goods and Non-Consultancy Services and keeping in good and safe custody.
  • Serve as secretariat to TRTB Meetings and tenders or quotations opening sessions.
  • Assist in co-coordinating approvals by Tender Board through circular resolutions.