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Network Length

    Subsequent to the Road Act, 2007 and upgrade of classes of various roads done in 2009 and 2012 the updated RMMS database indicates that RMO – Arusha is responsible for management of a road network that is 1,227.93 km long comprising of 357.92 km of paved roads, equivalent to 29% of the whole network, and 870.01 km of unpaved roads, equivalent to 71% of the whole road network.
This road network length does not include the road section of 83.73 km within Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the newly proposed Arusha City Southern By-pass road of 42.41 km. Another road section not included is Wasso – Klein’s Gate road about 54 km long, which is pending new construction of Makutano – Nata – Mugumu – Tabora B – Klein’s gate – Wasso/Loliondo – Mto wa Mbu road.
The breakdown of the roads in terms of their types is as hereunder below:

  1. Trunk Roads
    (i) Paved : 327.50 km (27% of total and 71% trunk roads)
    (ii) Unpaved : 136.57 km (11% of total and 29% trunk roads)
    Total : 464.07 km (38% of total roads network)
  2. Regional Roads
    (i) Paved : 31.10 km (2% of total and 4% of regional roads)
    (ii) Unpaved : 732.76 km (60%of total and 96% of regional roads)

Total : 763.86 km (62% of total network)
GRAND TOTAL : 1,227.93 Km (100% of total roads network)

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