TanRoad Arusha

The TANROADS Regional Manager’s office (RMO) for Arusha region is dedicated to manage the road network under its mandate, which extend throughout all six (6) districts. The trunk roads, traverse five (5) of these districts, namely Arumeru, Arusha, Monduli, Longido and Karatu. These districts are also networked with regional roads that extend into the sixth and remotest district of Ngorongoro.

Apart from being under the Chief Executive of TANROADS the annual plans and performance reports of the RMO are subject to the review and advise of the Regional Roads Board (RRB). The RRB is chaired by the Regional Commissioner, and its Secretary is the Regional Administrative Secretary. The RRB membership comprises of Members of Parliament, at most three Members from the Private Sector, District Commissioners, the Mayor of Arusha City Council and Chairmen of District Councils, the Arusha City Director and District Executive Directors, TANROADS Regional Manager, Regional Secretariat Engineer and the Engineers in the City /District Councils. Sections 6 and 7 of the Roads Act, 2007 (Act No.13 of 2007) provide for the establishment, functions, composition, tenure and proceedings of the RRB.