TanRoad Arusha


The unit was established by CE following an organisational structure issued vide a Memo No. TRD/CE/GEN/07/02 of 13th August 2007.  It was established as one of the five Units at TANROADS regional level, others being the Planning, Procurement, Weighbridge and Accounts & Administration Units.

    1.  Strategic Responsibility:

Strategically, the Unit is responsible for managing the actual execution of all bridge and road work contracts and implement annual maintenance and development programmes of RMO as well as making oversight of major projects managed by TANROADS Headquarters. The Unit is also responsible for road safety and road reserve management duties stipulated under the Road Act No. 13 of 2007 and its Road Management Regulations of 2009. Further, the Unit manages an Equipment Hiring Sub-Unit for proper maintenance of RMO pooled vehicles and equipment.


  1. Functional Responsibility:

Functionally, the Unit is responsible for:

  1. Implementing development and maintenance works for the RMO road network to ensure accessibility, comfort, safety and riding quality through proper supervision of contracts to realise specified quality, required time schedules, approved budgets and anticipated value for money outputs. Specifically, this function is implemented by the maintenance works supervision Sub-Unit headed by Maintenance Engineers through the following duties:-
  1. Supervision of annual work contracts to implement maintenance programmes for routine and recurrent, spot improvement and periodic works as well as upgrading, rehabilitation, road safety  and bridge works to ensure all planned works are timely implemented in required quality and within budget.
  2. Planning, recommending and implementing interventions for dealing with emergency works.
  3. Monitoring all works budget, contract scopes of work, payments/expenditure and reviewing of work programmes in accordance with available budget and funding.
  4. Oversight of the quality of maintenance activities through visual inspections, assessments, testing  and identification of measures to improve performance.
  5. Inspection of road elements, furniture and reserves to ensure they are properly maintained and initiate legal clearance processes starting with awareness sensitisation and notifications in case of noted  encroachments.
  6. Implementing of road safety measures including road signs and marking as required.


  1. Managing RMO vehicles and equipments through proper planning, budgeting, implementation of day to day activities, monitoring and evaluation of the Equipment Hiring Unit (EHU) performance to ensure vehicles and equipment availability for hiring out. This function falls under EHU Sub-Unit that is headed by the Transport Officer (TO). It involves conducting of regular inventory and condition surveys of vehicles as well as planning, initiating procurements, implementing and recommending payment for services, repairs, rehabilitation and replacement plans as well as records maintenance.
  2. Oversight of the overall day to day execution of contract activities for major projects performed by respective supervision consultants and contractors managed by TANROADS Headquarters. Close follow up and coordination of activities and stakeholders involved in all such major projects is done through a Project Works Sub-Unit headed by the Projects Engineer to ensure supervision consultants and works contractors comply with project objectives and contract requirements.
  3. Safeguarding the road elements and road reserves from encroachments, damage, misuse and abuse as required by the road management legislations.
  4. Recommending procurement and payment of items required by the Unit and manages resources allocated to the Unit.
  5. Preparing and maintaining proper records of budget, income and expenditure statements for financial transactions carried out for all budget items under the Unit
  6. Preparing weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual regular and ad hoc  progress reports for executed works.


  1. Planned activities for FY 2015/16
  1. To supervise routine and recurrent maintenance, periodic maintenance, spot improvement, upgrading and rehabilitation works for a planned total of 1,410.24km as well as construction of 6 new bridges and preventive maintenance to 108 bridges along Trunk and Regional roads.
  2. To oversee works on major projects along Arusha – Namanga and Arusha – Minjingu roads.
  3. To manage the operations of EHU and ensure proper and economic running of vehicles and equipments.
  4. To manage the road reserve areas so as to ensure no encroachment exists.
  5. To coordinate the procurement and subsequent payment to suppliers and service providers of requirements for the Unit and oversee the proper maintenance of resources.
  6. Reconciliation with the accounts Sub-Unit of budget, income and expenditure statements for financial transactions.
  7. Preparing and submitting weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports.



The Head of Unit leads two (2) Maintenance Engineers who takes charge of Works Sub-Units in the two respective zones, one (1) Transport Officer who heads EHU operations. The Maintenance Engineers supervises duties of the Road Inspectors (Technicians) under their  respective inspectorate areas. On the other hand, the Transport Officer supervises drivers and operators. The following are the job descriptions of staff within the Unit:



4.1  Head of Engineering Unit

  1. Prepares Unit level strategies and implement annual programmes as per approved budgets, work schedules and quality specifications for routine/recurrent, spot and periodic maintenance as well as bridges, upgrading and rehabilitation works.
  2. Prepares plans and implement dealings with emergencies, including the identification of public and private sector resources able to be readily mobilized.
  3. Monitors and reconciles financial statements of all development, maintenance and works related items budget, income and expenditure and adjusts wok programmes in accordance with available funding.
  4. Monitors the quality of maintenance, development and major project activities through materials laboratory testing and identifies measures to improve performance.
  5. Safeguards road elements, furniture and road reserves from damages, encroachments, misuse and abuse to ensure accessibility, maintenance and clear road reserves.
  6. Implements road safety activities to ensure convenient and safe passage of traffic.
  7. Identifies resource excesses and advises the Regional Manager to minimize Agency’s overhead costs accordingly.
  8. Recommends procurement and payments for supplies, services and works as well as management of human, financial and physical resources allocated to the Unit.
  9. Prepares weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual regular and ad hoc reports for the Regional Manager as required.
  10. Conducts open performance appraisal (OPRAS) for the Unit staff.
  11. Supervises the work of Engineering Unit staff including maintaining good staff relations and guide them to timely and properly prepare responses to received correspondences.
  12. Supervises the operations of EHU to ensure its performance is proper and sustainable.
  13. Advises the Regional Manager on all engineering matters in the Region.
  14. Performs such other related duties as may be assigned by the Regional Manager.


4.3  Maintenance Engineer

  1. Undertakes day to day supplementary visual inventory, condition, traffic and other surveys in liaison with the Planning Unit.
  2. Investigates sources and quality of construction materials along the roads and guides contractors as to eligible material sources and coordinates all quality control tests undertaken by the RMO materials laboratory.
  3. Supervises road and bridge works contractors and guides Roads Inspectors to ensure works are completed timely, to quality and within budget and monitors performance.
  4. Processes contractors work measurements/valuations and facilitates timely payments.
  5. Reviews contractors time and cost claims and advises the Unit Head accordingly.
  6. Attends regular site meetings and ensures that the proceedings are correctly recorded in minutes and issues site instructions as appropriate.
  7. Inspects once at least every half-monthly and monitors the quality and content of weekly inspection reports and site measurement sheets from which regular and ad-hoc works progress reports for the roads are prepared.
  8. Ensures that planned and urgent maintenance to rectify defects affecting public safety or accessibility is undertaken in accordance with Performance Agreement targets.
  9. Assists in the preparation of annual work plans and budgets and scoping of new works.
  10. Monitors and reconcile budgets, income and expenditures on each budget item, maintain records and adjusts work activities as necessary to remain within budget.
  11. Performs such other related duties as may be assigned by from time to time by the Head of Engineering Unit.

4.4  Roads/Projects Inspector/Technician

  1. Inspects, collects data and reports on inventory and conditions of all designated roads at least once weekly or at more frequent intervals if required.
  2. Prepares and supervises monthly work programmes for work contractors undertaking routine / recurrent, periodic, bridges, upgrading, rehabilitation and emergency works as directed by Maintenance/Project Engineer through site instructions to contractors.
  3. Measures works performed by contractors weekly and avails them ready for payment.
  4. Prepares weekly and other detailed reports for the Maintenance Engineer as required.
  5. Guides and verifies quality control testing undertakes by RMO materials laboratory, monitors test result trends and reports on issues of concern.
  6. Monitors works expenditures and ensures that payment claims are raised promptly at the end of each month by contractors for certified works.
  7. Coordinates the public and private sector stakeholders and local authorities views  on road works planning and implementation for the attention of RMO.
  8. Performs such other related duties as may be assigned by the Maintenance Engineer from time to time.


Currently, the Unit has 19 staff namely four (3) Engineers, ten  (4) Technicians and thirteen (10) Drivers and Operators, out of which nine (8) staff are permanently employed and eighteen (8) are on Specific Duties Contracts.

The following is the list of current staff, namely:

  1. Mgeni J Mwanga                 –           Head of Unit
  2. Ngeleja Joshua                   –           Maintenance Engineer West Zone/Area
  3. Geofrey R Jairo                   –           Maintenance Engineer East Zone/Area
  4. Seth W Ringia                     –           Roads Inspector
  5. Elisonguo E Malisa             –           Roads Inspector
  6. Ismael Jumanne                 –           Roads Inspector
  7. Salum Duma                       –           Roads Inspector
  8. Gabriel S Omahe                –           Transport Officer
  9. Audifance L Marandu         –           Maintenance Equipment Supervisor
  10. Rashid Mapua                     –           Driver
  11. Silas Shao                           –           Driver
  12. Steven Locken                    –           Driver
  13. Paul Mtena                          –           Driver
  14. Roy Munisi                           –          Driver
  15. Mathias Chenge                  –           Driver
  16. Mathew Marco                     –          Driver
  17. Cosmas Juma Maguya      –          Driver
  18. Athuman Zuberi Mpinga      –          Driver
  19. Laban Jackob Mwekyelu      –          Driver



Currently the Unit has vacancies of a Head of the Unit and 4 no. of Road Inspectors. Further, a number of technicians is required to engage on contract terms to temporarily bridge the vacancies of Road Inspectors.