TanRoad Arusha

The Regional Manager’s Office (RMO) for Arusha is one of the regional organizations of the Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) that were established on 1st July 2000. The functions of the regional offices came to being subsequent and simultaneously with the establishment and operationalisation of TANROADS as an Executive Agency of the Ministry of Works under section 3(1) of the Executive Agencies Act (Cap 245)

The RMO Arusha is responsible for the management of maintenance and development of the trunk and regional road network in Tanzania Mainland. It also manages the Road Construction Quality Control Laboratory (TANLAB) and axle load control operations for vehicles having gross weight of 3.5 tons and above plying over the roads under TANROADS jurisdiction. Furthermore, the RMO addresses various policy issues such as gender balance, employment generation, labour based and appropriate technology, campaigns against HIV/AIDS, environment protection and private sector participation.
The responsibility for road network management was by then being performed under the Trunk and Regional Roads Sections of the Regional Engineer’s Offices under direct administration of the Directorate of Roads of the Ministry of Works. The setting up of RMOs resulted from structural reforms that were made then by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania with a primary objective of providing cost–effective and sustainable maintenance and development of the TANROADS roads network. This is envisaged to enhance economic and social development of the regions and the entire nation.
The current function of RMO is based on the Executive Agencies (The Tanzania National Roads Agency) (Establishment) Amendment Order, 2009.

It’s stipulates the following activities for RMOs:-
(a) Manage maintenance of road works;
(b) Supervise road and bridge constructions;
(c) Supervise weighbridge services
(d) Procure consulting services and works contracts for maintenance works.
(e) Organise and implement land compensations and utility reallocations;
(f) Provide local assistance to consultancies and contractors working in the region;
(g) Liaise with project engineers for large road projects in the region ;
(h) Ensure proper financial management and
The RMO is led by a Regional Manager